Advertising Tips from the Expert: Chuck Mefford

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Leighton Broadcasting has partnered with BrandsFormation™ for over 20 years, and I thought I’d share some of the best tips, direction, and insider info from the radio advertising guy himself, Chuck Mefford. I asked Chuck a few questions about BrandsFormation™, our decades-strong partnership, and radio as a powerful advertising medium. Here's what he shared. 

The Leighton Broadcasting Partnership


Chuck said, "I don't do a lot of broadcast groups, but I'm so, so lucky to be associated with Leighton Broadcasting for over 20 years. They are unbelievable people. They are the best at what they do." That right there is why I'm able to do what I do here - and why I joined this company over 13 years ago. This system - BrandsFormation™ - works. Period. It gets our clients results and sets us apart. It's all about how people are able to invest time, talent, and treasure into their business. It's about working on the business, not just in it. BrandsFormation™ is the cohesive way to unify those efforts. 


It’s a System Because Systems Work

“BrandsFormation™ is the highest, best use of money because it’ll make you a household name. When I say Justice for the Injured, where does your mind go? Bradshaw and Bryant. That’s right. You know who right away because of the system – which in turn promotes top of mind awareness. BrandsFormation™ is a four-step system to becoming top of mind,” Chuck said. "Good businesses follow systems all in the name of ROI at the end."

He continued, “I think BrandsFormation™ is all about being a business people think of first and frankly, feel best about long before they ever do business with you. If you’re known, your need happens, and you’ll talk to them first. If you want to be the premier choice in a market, BrandsFormation™ is the best thing you could do. But, you have to have patience. It’s going to take time – and that isn’t for everybody. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. If you’re in it for the long haul, it’s the best money you’ll ever spend.”


The Battle for Mental Real Estate

The goal of any brand, whether a global icon or a small business in the community is brand recognition, and top of mind awareness. Implementing a system to market your business makes growth bulletproof and protects you from making decisions that detract from your vision. Unifying your efforts to bring your message to the masses is only the first step.

Chuck says, “It’s not about a deficiency of knowledge. It’s a deficiency of execution. Most people know what to do, they just aren’t doing it. The Leighton Broadcasting folks? They do it. They are executors. You can’t go wrong when this broadcast group tells you what to do.”


It Starts with a Good Business

“It starts with having a good business. You might think it’s good, but you’re having a hard time telling the story. Start with BrandFormation™. I meet a lot of people who want to be a brand, but they just aren’t there yet. Sometimes, my advice is, if your company can only afford door hangers or coupons, be the best door hanger or coupon there is.

But when you get to a branding level and can be intrusive, that’s when your success takes on a whole new life. When you can go out on a regular basis and tell your story. We all have to start somewhere. Whatever you do, do it well.”


Why Radio?

Chuck explained, “Three little words. Measurable. Advertising. Results. I personally like radio because 92 percent of people listen to the radio every week. It’s a great way to talk to people as they go about their lives – they are sitting but moving around. I like catching people where they’re at. I like the intrusive nature of dribbling bit by bit into your mind – you don’t know why, but in a few months you’ll have these associative memories radio has naturally implanted into your mind. It’s the best way for brands to do it and be liked for who and what they are.”


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