Radio + Recruitment = Smashing Success

posted by Stephanie Theisen

Radio + Recruitment = Smashing Success!If I had to pick three things that radio is best for they would be branding, event marketing, and recruitment. Wait. What? Radio recruitment? Really? Yes. Here’s why.

When you’re looking to hire employees for your company, where’s the first place you turn to? A decade ago, it would have been the help wanted section of the newspaper, a recruitment service, or local help wanted magazines like Job Dig. Today, there are dozens upon dozens of job search websites. There are websites for specific industries, income brackets, and everything in between.

The last place you’d think to advertise your job openings would be on the radio. But really, that’s one of the first places you should consider. When you place your listing in the newspaper or on one of the hundreds of job search websites, you’re only reaching candidates who are actively looking for a job. In essence, you’ve narrowed down your audience to the current unemployment rate. Which, currently in Minnesota, is at 3.2 percent. That’s an awfully small percentage of the populace you’re reaching out to.

Why Radio for Recruitment

When you use radio to advertise your job openings, you’ll reach everyone. Which at first, may sound foolish and like a waste of money, but hear me out. Reaching everyone is actually a good thing. Instead of talking to those who are out of work and/or looking for a job, you can reach those who are gainfully employed, and may be persuaded to switch careers if the right job comes along. They’re not actively looking, but they’re not completely uninterested in a career change either.

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The best workers are already working. For the most part, at least. There are those out there who fell upon hard times and lost their job for whatever reason. But, by and large, the best candidates for your job opening are already employed and doing a great job for their current employer. That’s why they’re employed and why their employer has held onto them. Because they’re great employees.

Wouldn’t you love the chance to talk to them? To persuade them away from their job to work for your company instead? Radio can do that. Not only will you reach those who are in need, but you’ll also reach those who aren’t but could be swayed by your compelling offer.

A Few Tips

Before you jump in head first and run your next recruitment campaign on the radio, here are some tips you should consider.

Stick with one job opening per ad. Radio works best when you can dramatize a single idea. Choose one of your openings and dramatize the benefits of the job and why working for your company would be the best decision the listener ever made. If you have multiple openings available, either create separate ads for each, or prioritize them by order of importance.

Avoid lists of qualifications. It can be easy to take your newspaper listing and turn it into a radio script. Listing out qualifications and required experience is boring. Find a way to say those things creatively. Make the job sound fun and exciting, get the listener eager to apply. Don’t worry, we can write the copy for you.

Have a clear call-to-action. When listeners want to apply for your job, your ad should give them a clear place to do it. It’s hard to remember email addresses or phone numbers, so I suggest having them visit your website to apply. Setup a landing page for the job and have the user go there. Use an easy to remember URL too, like Your webmaster can help set that up.

Use Radio to Find Your Next Great Employee

I’m not asking you stop the engines or halt the horses on your current recruitment ads. Nor am I suggesting that you just use radio moving forward. All I’m asking is that you consider radio advertising in addition to whatever else you’re doing to fill your current job openings.

A well-executed recruitment campaign can work wonders on the radio. We have dozens of clients who’ve trusted radio to help find their next great employee. Won’t you do the same?

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