Investing in Our Communities: The Why Behind the Gratitude on Repeat Campaign [VIDEO]

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When it comes to running a campaign that aligns with one of our favorite words at Leighton Broadcasting, gratitude — it’s hard not to smile. We believe in serving, connecting, and most certainly celebrating our communities and the impact our listeners, clients and employees have within them. Every. Single. Day — since we were founded in 1975.

What better way to celebrate and express gratitude than through the power and magic of radio? For the last two years, our team has partnered with local nonprofits across all of our stations in the Midwest, through our Gratitude on Repeat Campaign. View the historical winners here



A History on Gratitude

Leighton Broadcasting launched the first-ever campaign, like this, focused on that word we hold so dearly to our hearts – gratitude in 2017. That year, the Gratitude Campaign reached out to a wide range of community doers across our markets – both in Minnesota and eastern North Dakota. It was a trial run, and the number of applicants pouring in inspired us so much – we knew we were on to something powerful in helping to make real change, in the world, for years to come.

Does that last sentence give you goosebumps? It did for me, as well. Community involvement is what these organizations live and breathe every single day. It’s what gets everyone in their organization out of bed in the mornings. It’s what lights their eyes up with excitement.


Gratitude on Repeat

Since the birth of our Gratitude Campaign, we have been on a mission to keep the fire going – on repeat as we continue to connect the real heroes in our lives with the resources they need. No, rather, the ones they deserve to bring their cause to life. Why? Because your spirit of helping others aligns perfectly with our founders at Leighton Broadcasting — Al and Jean Leighton.

Through the many transformations our company has experienced over the years, from the purchase of KCLD to our first Gratitude on Repeat Campaign, there is one aspect that has not changed — our dedication to serving people and helping their organizations thrive. Gratitude on Repeat enables nonprofits who traditionally may not always have the budget they would need to accomplish their mission. 

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Our Commitment to Community

Teamwork is an absolutely crucial part of making the Gratitude on Repeat Campaigns happen. Like in sports — how your team works together directly correlates with success for your organization. From St. Cloud to Grand Forks, our on-air talent, social media gurus, and account executives give back on their own time. They truly stand behind bettering communities to make the world a more beautiful place to live — a testament to the power behind radio advertising and gratitude for the people it serves.


Radio + Gratitude

An organization that wins a Gratitude Campaign will receive 21 radio advertisements per week, for 13 consecutive weeks in addition to a meeting with one of our expert account executives who will help you craft up to three unique messages for you to use for now and years to come. We hope our radio advertising at Leighton Broadcasting will strengthen your nonprofit’s connection to our communities. We cannot emphasize enough how much our team appreciates nonprofit businesses devotion and compassion when serving others. You're an inspiration to many!

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