5 Tips to Recruit Smarter Not Harder With Radio Advertising

posted by Stephanie Theisen

Radio recruitment advertising is the new and creative way to get your job listing out there. With these hiring advertisement tips, you will attract competitive and diverse applicants, stand out from other job postings, and generate ample amounts of deserving applicants.

Tips to Recruit Smarter Not Harder With Radio Advertising

1. Reach The Best Workers- Those Already Working

The best workers are already working. Great candidates are already employed for the reason that they are great employees. Your typical job post sites attract those who are actively seeking a job or are unemployed. With radio recruitment advertising, you not only have reach over the unemployed, but you also have reach over the already employed as well. Although they may not be actively looking for a job, there is always the potential that they are interested in a career change.

2. Choose Diversity

In contrast to recruiting the large radio population, recruitment radio advertising also allows for the ability to recruit to a smaller and more focused population. There are many ethnically focused stations that attract frequent and targeted listeners. If you are looking for more diversity in the workforce, make the choice to advertise to some of these focused stations.

3. Don’t Waste Your Time Competing for Attention

No need to fight for attention with radio recruitment advertising. Your job announcement will stand out from the rest because it’s not blasted on a local job board or site competing for attention. In addition to getting your job posting out there, radio recruitment advertising also spreads your businesses name and brand.

4. Skip the Lists of Qualifications

The best way you are going to attract those go-getter and unique candidates is by being a go-getter and unique yourself. Although tempting, turning your newspaper listing into a radio script will just sound boring and uncreative. Make the job sound fun and exciting and people will be quick to apply. Don’t have the creative bone? No worries, we can help you out with that.

5. Have a Clear Call-to-Action

When listeners want to apply for your job, it’s best to give them a clear place to do so. A website is a lot easier to remember than an email address or phone number. Use an easy URL where the applicant can visit your website to apply.

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