5 Radio Advertising Success Stories from BrandsFormation Clients [VIDEO]

posted by Stephanie Theisen

On October 19th, our home office in St. Cloud held its annual BrandsFormation Seminar. This session was hosted by author, speaker, and business consultant Chuck Mefford. Over a hundred area business owners and marketing directors came to hear how to build their brand on the radio using a tried and true system for success.

We’ve held this event every year for over a decade. Leighton Broadcasting believes in results above all else, and Chuck’s BrandsFormation System has proven time and time again that it works. It brings measurable results using a simple, repeatable system.

So, Does Radio Work?

I’m going to let these clients share their radio advertising success stories for themselves.

Mike Kelley from J.F. Kruse Jewelers, Sharing his Radio Advertising Success Story

“They’re just different than other companies I’ve worked with on the radio side for sure.”
– Mike Kelley, J.F. Kruse Jewelers

Al Dahlgren from Once Upon a Time, Sharing his Radio Advertising Success Story

“I do believe in radio and I do think that if I can pick one broadcaster to stick with that I can have some kind of dominant message.”
- Al Dahlgren, Once Upon a Child

Roberta Ringstad from Bernick's, Sharing her Radio Advertising Success Story_roberta-ringstad_bernicks.jpg

“We are truly partnering to give people in the Central Minnesota community some really awesome opportunities.”
- Roberta Ringstad, Bernick’s

Brad Steil from C&D Granite, Sharing his Radio Advertising Success Story

“I think that they have a great program and a great system to get our company going and to get our marketing rolling.”
- Brad Steil, C&D Granite

Kennard Felbaum from Celebrations Bridal, Sharing his Radio Advertising Success Story

“We get a lot of really cool things, little extra offers [like] contests to get interactive with the audience-base on the stations to seek us out because they saw us at an event.”
- Kennard Fellbaum, Celebrations Bridal

Our Radio Account Executives...

... are among the best in the industry. Most of our media reps have been with us for five years or more. Some as long as 25+ years. They stay because they love what they do. They love seeing their clients succeed, helping businesses grow, and making a positive impact in the community.

If you’re ready to start seeing radio advertising success, contact one of our reps today.

Or, if you’re not quite ready, you should download the first chapter of Chuck Mefford’s book entitled BrandsFormation: How to Transform a Good Small Business into a Great Local Brand.
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